Hope...is the Thing

by Susan Elizabeth Clark


Hope... is the Thing: How to Keep Going, No Matter What You Are Facing

This book will make you more hopeful.

Hope – it's a little word but one that carries so much weight. Like love, it's something we cannot see, smell or hold yet we all know it exists.

Hope... is the Thing reminds us that, whatever circumstances we may be facing, Hope enables us to carry on. It is 'the thing' none of us would want to live without. Throughout the book – which is filled with inspirational quotes, exercises, affirmations and more – Susan Elizabeth Clark will teach you that Hope will always show up if you make space for it, and that being Hopeful is like a superpower.

This little book will show you how to choose Hope when things don't go your way, and embrace all the magic it will bring to your life.

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Published: 14/10/2021
Number of pages: 224
Dimensions: 180 x 125 mm