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Threshold Places

Issue 344 - May/June 2024

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Threshold Places
Issue 344 • May/June 2024

The courage to change

The theme of this issue is threshold places, and by those we mean those unseen and often unnoticed places where change is already afoot but where ‘what was’ is not quite ended and ‘what will become’ has not yet arrived.

This is where the magic happens, but navigating these spaces – and thus change – calls for courage from us all. And more than that, it calls for shared beliefs and deep trust.

Every piece in this issue highlights some version of a threshold looming, being crossed or having been successfully negotiated. In her Slow Read article, Gail Bradbrook explores a liminal place in the world of activism and how Extinction Rebellion, which she co-founded, crossed a major threshold to generate mainstream awareness, and may yet need to cross another.

In his joyful rediscovery of Indian street art, Satish Kumar celebrates how life-affirming it is to cross the threshold that says we must engage with most art indoors and in hushed tones. In our main theme, we share the thoughts of the late Irish poet John O’Donohue on just why thresholds are so important, before we go on to explore two big rites of passage: birth and death.

In many ways, Resurgence & Ecologist is all about presenting humanity (and its relationship to the planet and all we share it with) sometimes showing smallness, and sometimes wonderful generosity, but with above all things our ability to see and hopefully honour what matters, even if and perhaps especially when we cannot capture or hold on to it, because that precarity is what makes life here so precious for us all.

The stars are for everyone: Fern Leigh Albert
Green & Away: Peter Lang
The edge of motherhood: Elizabeth Wainwright
The joys of a garden gone wild: Stephanie Boxall
Art as a way of being: Satish Kumar
Action, dreaming and determination: Edward Davey