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Positive energy

Issue 335 - November/December 2022

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Positive Energy
Issue 335 • November/December 2022

In this special issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we explore the theme of energy, how it shapes the world we live in and forms the very fabric of our existence. Energy is at the heart of the crises facing us today, from the rising cost of living to global heating. As efforts to achieve environmental and social justice converge, we need to understand just how energy connects us and all living things.

Setting the path is our Feature Story by Ecologist editor Brendan Montague, who unpicks the meaning of ‘energy’ from a prism of physics, biology and economics, “We are all stardust bound together with sunlight,” he writes.
In the Ecologist pages Russell Warfield challenges Dieter Helm’s solutions to the energy and climate crises; whilst in Connected Life Felipe Viveros introduces the next generation of Indigenous Earth defenders. We highlight Positive Action stories from community and locally led energy projects.

In Wisdom and Wellbeing youth activist Katie Hodgetts speaks to Chris Johnstone on the publication of a revised edition of seminal text Active Hope and Nicky Scott introduces the method of Bokashi composting. Within Art & Culture Sandra Sawatzky presents her 70-metre tapestry on the story of oil.

We are Stardust: Brendan Montague
Watershed Moment: Adam Wentworth
Amazon Avengers: Amazon Avengers
The Rush for 'white gold': Leah Thomas
Community Energy: Skye Frewin
Oil in a Material World: Sandra Sawatzky