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Watershed Moment

Issue 325 - March/April 2021

£4.00 (print) / £4.00 (digital)


In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we share stories of people across the world inspired by Rivers. Rivers have shaped landscapes over millennia, arteries of fresh water that have carved paths through rock and soil from source to sea.

As our relationship with Nature frays, the threads connecting us become all the more precious, and people across the world are fighting to protect the rivers they love. In this issue, Vandana K investigates grassroots activism in India, and Nicola Cutcher celebrates a recent victory by citizen scientists. Li An Phoa walks along the river Meuse, and Derek Gow brings beavers back to Britain.

We also focus on the need for wisdom, compassion and hope. Julian Abel explains why being compassionate is good for us, Russell Warfield interviews Rutger Bregman about his book Humankind and Louisa Adjoa Parker speaks to Romalyn Ante about migration, home and family.


  • The End of Neoliberalism: Russell Warfield
  • Survival of the Kindest: Julian Abel
  • Real Heroes: Rivera Sun
  • Rewilding Britain’s Waterways: Marianne Brown
  • Bonding and Belonging: Satish Kumar