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Issue 324 - January/February 2021

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In this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist we celebrate resilience. The community response to the challenges of 2020 has shown that our connections with each other can weave a safety net of resilience against the hardest times. With this in mind, in this issue we visit communities across the world, from London to Zimbabwe, to explore how, despite differences in culture, climate and history, people are building resilience amid uncertainty. From having fun together in the kitchen, to bringing back traditional grain, to organising ecosystem restoration camps, connecting people with each other and Nature is key.

Elsewhere, Colin Tudge, co-founder of the Oxford Real Farming Conference, explores the connection between food banks and land ownership, and Anne Baring takes us back four millennia to a time when worship of the Great Mother was replaced by the Great Father, and the dire consequences this had for the future of humanity.


  • An interview with Magid Magid: Renuka Odedra
  • Fenced In: Colin Tudge
  • Farming for Justice: Claire Ratinon
  • Nourishing Community: Dee Woods
  • Grains of Hope: Method Gundidza